SANTA ANA (AP) — A report shows nearly one in five immigrants in the U.S. illegally live in the New York and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.

The report released Thursday by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center estimates more than 2 million immigrants in the country illegally lived in the two areas in 2014.

Pew says the country has about 11.1 million immigrants who do not have legal status.

The report also estimates more than a third of the immigrant population in the Houston, Dallas, Denver and Phoenix metropolitan areas lacked legal papers.

The report comes as President Trump tries to boost ties with local law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal immigration.

Many large cities including New York and Los Angeles have pushed back and pledged to help protect immigrants from deportation.

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  1. All one needs to know about this ridiculous, non-sustainable city-bloating can be learned in basic lifeguard training for high-schoolers, to wit, that every life raft, found on boats and ships worldwide, has this admonition stamped onto the gunwale:

    “Warning: Occupancy Beyond (fill in the blank) is Dangerous and Unlawful.”

    Only fools believe cities and states can magically create millions of jobs, mystical medical care, appropriate transportation, big-enough schools, police cars, ambulances and Emergency Rooms.

    A lifeboat holds only so many . . . and then it sinks.

    It ain’t exactly rocket science.

  2. Looks like Jerry Brown needs to build a one-way high speed train from SF to Tijuana.

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