ROSEMEAD ( — Tony Ramos, of Covina, says it was a perfect Saturday for he and his friends to hike the Skyline Trail in the San Jacinto mountains.

But once they hit the snow and ice 7,500 feet up, they say they were surprised to find a man and his dog shivering in the snow.

“He was wearing a short sleeve shirt and some shorts and either running shoes or tennis shoes, they were not hiking boots at all,” Ramos said.

The dog suffered bloodied paws from the ice that they had to bandage, and the men then tried to warm up the hiker.

“We provided him with a jacket and some waterproof pants and gave him some water and food for his dog and himself,” Ramos said.

hikers Man With Dog Trapped In Snow Thankful Experienced Hikers Came His Way

Ramos then used his GPS tracking device to call for help.

It was near dark once a ranger arrived. Although Ramos and his friends wanted to go back down the trail the ranger told them to hunker down.

“The state volunteer said ‘it’s not safe, it’s already dark, you guys should stay,’” Ramos said.

So they all made a make shift bed, cutting branches to lay on the snow and a sleeping bag and tarp for blankets.

Once morning came, a helicopter arrived to take everyone off the mountain.

And once down on safe ground Ramos says the hiker from Palm Springs says he was embarrassed but grateful.

“He was really appreciative of us helping save his life because he really thought he was going to die up there,” Ramos said.


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