COSTA MESA  (  —  It’s that time of year when we all buy (make that stockpile) Girl Scout cookies.

And while many of us spend time devouring the cookies we aren’t noticing something rather apparent. The cookies can vary from baker to baker — including taste and looks.

KCAL9’s Stacey Butler checked out the cookie controversy.

If there is one thing 12-year-old Ella Chang knows — it’s Girl Scout cookies. Tonight she sold her cookies door-to-door.

Last year, she sold over 2,500 boxes.

She has a goal this year — to sell 3,000 boxes,

Lately, Chang has been asked a lot of the same questions by consumers — namely why are cookies sold in L.A. so different than the cookies sold in O.C.

If you’re in LA, for example, you can order.Samoas from Little Brown Bakers . In the O.C. the same cookie is called Carmel de Lites. They’re made by ABC Bakers.

To keep up with demand, the scouts employ two bakers.  And the new S’more’s cookie is a great example for how the cookies can differ from place to place.

The S’mores sold in the O.C is a chocolate dipped graham cracker with marshmallow. The LA version is chocolate and marshmallow sandwiched between two  a vanilla cookie.

Both versions are the talk of social media, one person calling both versions addicting, “like crack.”


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