LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)   —  A federal judge in Washington state has put a temporary halt on President Trump’s travel ban nationwide.

A suit was filed by Washington and Minnesota.

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Meanwhile, all across the nation Friday — and in Los Angeles — thousands of people from all walks of life came together in a show of support for the Muslim community.

This movement is in direct response to the travel ban that mostly affected people in seven countries that are mostly Muslim.

CBS2’s Dave Lopez reported from the Islamic Center in Koreatown where he said a virtual rainbow coalition came to show support for — and solidarity with — the Muslim community.

Lopez said it was an “extraordinary scene.”

While Muslims were praying inside the facility during  a noon service, people from all walks of life were on the outside, gathered on the steps.

The Islamic Center was unaware that a group was forming on their behalf  The Muslim community didn’t ask for the show of solidarity.  But they welcomed it.

Similar rallies were held all over the country — it was a grass roots gathering. The power of social media.

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“It does a lot of good for the Muslim community,” said one man, “to see Jews, such as me, others, Hispanics, people who are not Muslim standing in solidarity.”

One woman said she wasn’t a Muslim but in times like this, that doesn’t matter.

“I’m personally a Christian. but you don’t have to be a Christian to share these feelings that we are all in this together.”

Another supporter said refugees and immigrants are just looking for the same thing most Americans are — a safe place to live and raise a family.

Lopez was struck at the size of the crowd because it was raining and finding parking in that area of Koreatown is no easy feat.

“It’s a message to our Muslim sisters and brothers here that we are all Americans,” said one clergyman.

There were, Lopez reported, no fiery speeches, not march around Center.  Just a simple, quiet gathering.

And the solidarity moving is only getting bigger, said organizers.

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“We’re going to continue escalating the situation,” said one woman, “So if they [the government] aren’t listening now, they will definitely be listening  in the future. We have a lot more to come.”