VICTORVILLE ( — Duncan Hicks was inside the Victorville Sheriff’s Station this month to file a report.

Unsatisfied with how the receptionist and deputy were handling it, Hick’s recorded part of the incident.

“He was very disrespectful, very rude to me,” Hicks said.

Hicks says this was his third time there and he also called once to file a few custody disputes with his child’s mother and says this time the deputy refused to write his report down and then took it a step further. Then a bizarre exchange played out.

Hicks: This is not explaining the incident sir.”

Deputy: “K, Duncan. You know what man? I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail just so you know.”

Hicks: “What am I going to jail for?”

Deputy: “I’ll create something you understand? You’ll go to jail. You understand that?”

Hicks: “You can’t say that. How you gonna create something? That’s against the law.”

Deputy: “Recording me like that. That’s illegal without my knowledge. You want to go to jail for that too?”

Hicks: “You have a gun on your hip. I’m doing this for my protection.”

Deputy: “Uh, uh, you’re not starting that in my lobby.”

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, audio/video recording in the station is allowed.

Sheriff John McMahon, released a statement that read in part: “Since viewing the video, our employees’ response to the citizen is not consistent with my expectation of customer service. Additionally, the deputy’s responses are not consistent with the interpretation of the law…”

Hicks says he is a law-abiding citizen, doesn’t have a criminal record and just came in for a simple incident report.

“If that’s his way of protecting and doing his job I would like him to be fired,” Hicks said.

The department said they’re investigating and when they’re done, appropriate action will be taken. The deputy in the video remains on the job.


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  1. Well you could sue him for violating your rights under color of law. Find a lawyer, this video scares me that a bully white cop can just make things up and probably has. And the receptionist has got to go, so out of line. They seem to treat some better than others, unprofessional THUGS.

    People like him give cops a bad name.

    1. Imagine how this officer behaves when there’s NOT a camera rolling…

      I now think it’s entirely possible that this officer has fabricated charges in the past. His OWN actions have tainted his credibility.

      1. Sam Sissiorbell says:

        People have been beaten and jailed for trying to file a complaint in small Tennessee towns were police rule with brutality, One elderly Tennessee man said I am 82 and I guess I am accustomed to their brand of law cause nothing you can do about the beatings,

  2. Thanks for carrying this story

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