BIG BEAR LAKE ( — All these storms have been a double-edged sword in the mountains. On one hand, it’s really nice to have the fresh snow on the slopes. But the snow on the roads has made it tough to get up here and to get around town.

Big Bear visitors are trying to take advantage of the calm before the next storm. But many are still digging out from the last storm. Brian Hilbert and his friends drove up the mountain Friday, but couldn’t make it up to the ski resorts until this afternoon.

“We tried, we were snowed in. our drive was a little steep and we had to do some work to get out,” Hilbert, of Orange County, said.

San Diego’s Anthony Rossetti also had to change his plans, because of the conditions on the roads.

“Yesterday I was scared. Me and the wife were going to go to Arrowhead, I was scared to go down the road,” he said.

So those who want to play in the snow, need to be prepared to drive in the snow.

“Definitely if you come up here, you need chains,” Rossetti said. “I think we’re supposed to have a bigger storm tonight into tomorrow. So whoever’s coming up here, be prepared. totally be prepared, really.”

The big question with the next storm is how much is going to be rain and how much is going to be snow. It’s going to make driving up and down the mountain difficult either way.


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