MORENO VALLEY ( — Kylie Hausman is a flyer on the Citrus Hill High School cheer team that performs impressive yet dangerous stunts.

The 17-year-old knows the danger all too well as she remains in Riverside University Health System Medical Center after being accidentally dropped during cheer practice on Wednesday.

“When she hit the ground, the very thing is she said: ‘Mom, I can’t move,'” the teen’s mother, Stacey Hausman, said.

Mrs. Hausman happens to be a cheer coach at another school and knows the dangers of the sport that has left her daughter unable to move her left leg.

“It’s scary. At this point in time. It’s 50/50 that she will fully recover,” Mrs. Hausman acknowledged as her eyes welled up with tears.

The teen’s father, Jay Hausman, is a firefighter and paramedic with a lot of emergency-call experience. But it was different when the 911 call was about his daughter.

“I had a weird feeling that when I answered the cellphone, and I saw her name,” Mr. Hausman recalled.

He said doctors are encouraged with Kylie’s progress because she can wiggle her left toes, and tests show no brain or spinal-chord injury.

As for going back to cheering, “there’s no reason that she can’t continue to be a cheerleader. My concern is being a flyer,” the teen’s father said.

“If you’re in a football team, and you get hit, and you break your leg, and you want to go back, that’s up to the student and parent,” the teen’s mother said.

Parents plan to meet with school leaders about changes they would like to see in the cheer program.

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  1. My granddaughter a flyer also at Citrus Hill was also injured days before and has a concussion. I have also been told another team member also was injured prior to my granddaughter and Kylie. Some real action needs to be taken to protect our children.

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