SANTA ANA ( — It became law at a Santa Ana City Council meeting Tuesday night. Santa Ana is now officially a sanctuary city.

Many residents are happy they are now living in a sanctuary city but most say they want more protection.

Last month the city council passed a resolution. Hundreds gathered at City Hall on this night to witness the ordinance pass making the resolution official.

Now most folks want the city to end its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement – also known as ICE – inside the jail.

“Step one is allowing people to remain, but step two is allowing people to thrive,” a speaker at the meeting said.

President-Elect Donald Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding from those cities that declare themselves sanctuaries.

However, several cities are ready to do battle in Washington over those funds.

Santa Ana becomes the first in O.C. and  joins more than a dozen other cities in Los Angeles County that are considered “sanctuary cities”, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Norwalk.

Nearly half of Santa Ana’s 335,000 residents are foreign-born.


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  1. Vivian Barron says:

    Is that really going to stop the rash of fatal shootings in Santa Ana? That’s right. Make it a haven for illegal alien drug lords to continue shooting without consequences…No registration, no ID, no licenses, nothing!!! Anarchy. What the heck is going on with local govt of Santa Ana? You wonder who is running the show.

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    1. Not to mention Santa Ana Pd could care less about crime. My car was broken into and they did $1000 worth of damage to my steering column when they tried to steal the car. The cops came and didn’t take a report, didn’t take prints even tho there were clear ones everywhere and told me they hope I have insurance then left. The crooks know they can break into anything with no consequences and now the illegals will do the same!

  2. SHAME ON THE CITY OF SANTA ANA!! I WILL NO LONGER SHOP OR EAT IN SANTA ANA! SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FEDERAL FUNDING! Not to mention it won’t help cuz they have names and addresses of all the DACA DAPA illegals and they WILL BE DEPORTED!

  3. Just sent this to our president….Dear Mr. Trump my city of Santa Ana California just became a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. We already have a ridiculous crime rate and gang problem and this is going to make it way worse. PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU TO IMMEDIATELY CUT THEIR FEDERAL FUNDING AND SEND ICE OVER TO ROUND UP EVERY ILLEGAL (CRIMINAL OR NOT) TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT SANCTUARY CITIES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED! BRING BACK THE GREEN ICE BUSES AND GO DOOR TO DOOR NO PAPERS INSTANT TRIP TO THE BORDER! IT WORKED GREAT IN THE 70’S AND WILL WORK AGAIN! ALSO PLEASE PROSECUTE THE JUDGES AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FOR NOT UPHOLDING THE LAWS THEY PROMISED TO UPHOLD.. God bless you and I am over the moon you will be our next president. This country is in the toilet because of cities like Santa Ana!

  4. Vivian Barron says:

    I guess even more homeless will be now living outside the doors of City Hall.

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