EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA.com)  —  One Los Angeles neighborhood has taken a small step in helping tackle the large problem of helping the homeless.

Residents in Eagle Rock decided to provide warmth and comfort for the homeless on cold nights.

They had a drive and donated sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes and tents.

All donations went to an all-volunteer group called Recycled Resources

CBS2’s Joy Benedict spoke to the organizers of the sleeping bag drive.

“I dropped off a blanket and actually it was a sleeping bag for a child,” said Sandra Verdugo.

She was one of the many people who decided to do their part.

“We can go to our warn houses and clothe ourselves and cover ourselves but unfortunately the homeless don’t have that luxury,” Verdugo said, “They don’t have a heater to turn on.”

With tends of thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles, the Eagle Rock community is trying to give its homeless population a little comfort.

“I  was like how about we do a blanket, sleeping bag drive and people were like ‘oh that’s a great idea,'” said Shaun Newton.

He is relative new to Eagle Rock but says he saw a need immediately.

“Coming home at the end of the day, [you see the homeless]  off the freeway on the off ramps. Something’s gotta be done. no matter how small somethings gotta be done,” Verdugo says.

He called his councilman, Jose Huizar, and got on social media and rallied the community.

Within five minutes of the five-hour drive, the blankets and sleeping bags were piling up.

Recycled Resources runs a winter shelter and helps the homeless in North LA.

“Yesterday we had 60 people come in to try and stay at the shelter but we had no blankets to give them,” said volunteer Monica Alcaraz.

That won’t be the case tonight.

The drive, she said, was an answer to prayers.

“This is a Godsend right now,” Alcaraz said.

And although everyone at the drive realizes sleeping bags aren’t a permanent fix, they say it’s a start.

Verdugo wants other citizens to get involved.

“Talk to your councilman, city officials, go to the meetings. [Tell them if] you want our vote, you gotta address this.”


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