HUNTINGTON BEACH ( – Dozens of people aboard a party bus were interrogated by police after some of them may have taken part in a robbery and assault at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Huntington Beach late Saturday night.

Eighty people aboard the bus were interviewed, but only two were arrested, Huntington police reported.

The alleged robbery occurred just after 11 p.m. at a 7-Eleven at 706 Pacific Coast Hwy. The clerk told CBS2 that a large group from the party bus came into the store and appeared to be stealing items. When he tried to confront them, two men shoved him.

According to police, the group then boarded the bus and drove north on the PCH. Responding officers found the bus and stopped it a short time later.

Do the large number of people aboard, other agencies were called in to assist Huntington police. Each person was brought off the bus, detained and interrogated. Seven loaded handguns were found on the bus, police said.

After interviewing everyone aboard, two men were arrested on robbery charges. They were identified as 21-year-old Isiah Bryant of Los Angeles and 18-year-old Wynzel Worthan of Compton. Everyone else was released. The investigation is ongoing, however.

Police said the bus had come from Los Angeles area and was on a bar tour of the area.

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  1. Bill Clinton says:

    Looks like the bus riders were all black and were unfairly targeted by the police, all they did was steal a few things and have a few weapons. We at Black Lives Matter will be there to protest this injustice.

    1. Mark Frances says:

      “Seven loaded hand guns”.

  2. Dale Sargent says:

    Don’t have to ask what race the suspects were…. America needs to cure this disease!

  3. Bill Mooney says:

    Straight out of Compton.

  4. John Ingrum says:

    I’m sure the guns were legally owned. Lol

  5. Mark Frances says:

    Wynzel, an upstanding Irish name.

  6. Jesse Jackson has issued a statement that the clerk was racist trying to charge those poor victims knowing they deserved reparations. As per usual Obummas angelic son’s up to their typical MKEE shines. Al ” not so” Sharpton has claimed they DinnDooNuffin

  7. Lu Johnson says:

    I watched the first few moments of the video, and read a few lines of the printed story. As an experiment, I chose to stop. I do not KNOW the identities or demographic of the people in that bus. …. So let’s have a bit of science-fun: …based on just the few facts I absorbed:
    1. Group of people ransacking convenience store
    2. When confronted, bullied owner/threatened
    3 When police apprehended the bus occupants, a BUNCH of handguns were confiscated.

    Ok, here’s my ‘guess’ based on my intelligence and my vetting of many news stories over the years:

    This was a party bus full of black racist lawbreaking thugs, probably part of the black rapper/gangsta crowd.


    I still haven’t finished the vid or article. Don’t need to.

    OLENT THUGS ALL MEET WITH A HORRIBLE DEMISE. They don’t deserve to live in our free rule-of-law society,.

    Furthermore, may all of the leftist, progressive, special snowflake virtue signallers and snowflakes who DEFEND THESE THUGS all be backhanded stiffly for being so Go.d .DAm nEd. Stupid.

    And in Conclusion: May BLACK LIVES MATTER thugs all be imprisoned and punished everywhere for their blatant instigation of VIOLENCE AGAINST NON-BLACKS. BLM MUST BE CRUSHED AND ELIMINATED from our culture.

  8. Isiah and Wynzel…party bus with SEVEN LOADED guns…chose to show the folks at a 7-Eleven store in Huntington Beach…that they can rob and assault wherever, whenever because ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER. A movement given birth by a divisive, racist president. Had the clerk defended himself, the Obama media would be blasting the racist clerk for harming the poor, young boys who could have been Obama’s sons, if he had any. A police officer in Ferguson defended himself and Obama and Holder made sure the officer lost his job and had to leave the state. The black “boy” there stole from a retail store, went on to attack, threaten and intimidate a police officer sitting in his cruiser. The police officer proceeded to defend himself and attempted to control the situation by giving commands to the “boy” who ignored the commands and continued to aggressively advance towards him in a threatening manner. With no other choice to protect himself and the public he swore to protect, he fired at the “boy,” who then died. The “BOY” now has a street named after him. Yes, the cop was white and his life didn’t matter. Black Lives Matter and they are racists without consequences.

  9. Our African-American brothers partying with 7 loaded handguns and free snacks.

  10. Baba Booey says:

    It was a rolling BLM “protest”

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