HUNTINGTON BEACH (  —  A jewelry thief was caught on tape while stealing from a store in Huntington Beach.

It’s a story that is Only On 2.

Surveillance video captured images of the suspect smashing his way into the store. Once inside, he grabbed two of the most valuable items in the store.

Officials tells CBS2’s Stacey Butler the thief is on the run.

Butler reported from outside the store — A-Z Jewelry Supply — Thursday. The owner told her from now on, after closing, the electric security gates will come down.

Owners Jeff and Majesta Vaughn had no idea a thief was breaking into their store 5:30 Christmas morning.

The thief made several attempts to get the front door glass to shatter.  He ended up breaking in with a sledge hammer.

“I can’t believe he stuck around long enough to do this,” Vaughn said.

And the thief knew exactly what he was going after — two matching geode crystals.

“He knows what he’s doing,” Vaughn said, “he even knew the wooden stand is loose on that one.”

The two crystal geodes match and weigh about 50 pounds each. Combined they are worth about $6,000.

“They’re one of a kind,” Vaughn said.

When first going through their inventory, the couple thought they got off easy and maybe the thief was spooked and left without taking anything.

Then he remembered, a man with a similar build came into the store with his girlfriend three days prior. And he asked about the geodes.

“He was very diligent about those two pieces,” Vaughn said, “he wanted to know weight, he wanted to know size, he wanted to know value. I thought he was trying to impress his girl with some fancy Christmas presents.”

Vaughn is hoping that someone watching the video will recognize that their Christmas gift, the geodes, might be stolen.









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