HOLLYWOOD  (CBSLA.com)   — In a galaxy not so far away, stars and fans of the new “Star Wars” movie excitedly waited for the Hollywood premiere of “Rogue One.”

KCAL9’s Tina Patel interviewed the movie’s stars on the red carpet. (But, shucks, she didn’t get to actually see the film. Bummer!)

She reported it’s not every day that you see storm troopers marching down — or on — a red carpet but “Star Wars” movies are like no others.

And this premiere was like no other ,as well.

“I double parked my X-Wing up front so hopefully I don’t get towed,” said “Rogue” actor Riz Ahmed.

No worries. He’s connected in high places.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti told Patel he’s a big “Star Wars” fanboy, so he was more than happy to shut down Hollywood Boulevard for the event.

“This has probably brought more fans from around the country and around the world, just to be here,” said Garcetti.

That wasn’t hyperbole. Fans like Anthony Daniels also came and he was a star of the original “Star Wars.”

“And I’m just thrilled to be here tonight, really as a fan of these films,” Daniels said.

The films have had a worldwide impact. It’s easy to see that when you see the diverse and multicultural cast of “Rogue One.”

IMAGES: On The Red Carpet

“I  never thought being an Asian actor that I’m able to be part of this universe. I’m very honored,” said Donnie Yen.

“My love for cinema started a lot with that film. George Lucas made, so being here and doing rogue one that takes place just before that film, it’s a homage in a way to that one,” said Diego Luna, star of “Rogue.”

Co-star Felicity Jones is also excited for young girls around the world to see her playing a strong female role model.

“I can’t wait, particularly her little waist coat. She has this little — I don’t know what you guys would wall it — like a little cut off jacket thing that she wears. I  can’t wait for little girls to be wearing that, because I think it’s pretty cool.

Perhaps equally cool, getting to play the next big “Star Wars” villain.

“Anyone can join the rebellion,” quips Ben Mendelsohn, “Anyone! Oh, I want to be a rebel. If you got to be in the empire, you got to have something going on.”

The movie officially opens Friday, December 16.