WESTWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Hundreds of seniors are told they are being kicked out of their retirement homes.

Flossy Liebman is a collector of clocks, but she’s losing time.  The 95-year-old says she and the roughly 200 others at Vintage Westwood Horizons senior living community are being evicted. Most are in their 90s.

Notices were posted to their doors last week showing the seniors have until the end of March to move and most don’t know where to go.

“I mean everybody’s panicked,” Liebman said

“People have been calling around to all of the facilities that take seniors in any capacity and are finding no spaces anywhere. Daughter Jane Blumenfield said. “Just waiting lists.”

Ruth Frank is one of the disabled seniors and says some of her friends have financial limitations.

“They have friends it’s their life,” Blumenfield said. “It’s their whole social network.”

The reason for the move is new management of Watermark Retirement Communities. They’re making renovations that could take up to two years to finish. When it’s all done,  rental rates could rise.

Watermark said in a statement:

“The vast majority of residents will be eligible for extensions, allowing up to 1 year before relocating. We recognize the fact that this news has a great impact on residents, families and associates and pledge to support them throughout the process.”

L.A. City Councilmember Paul Koretz is planning to fight it.

“The law may allow Watermark to do this but it’s still the wrong thing to do and I can’t support it,” Koretz said in a statement.

Koretz plans on meeting with the seniors Thursday.

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  1. Kudos to Council Member Koretz for his stand to help these Seniors. I am stunned that former District Attorney Delgadillo would support the Landlord in this situation, given the $9 million settlement that he won against Landmark MGMT Company, who was basically trying to get lower paying tenants out, in order to bring their units’ rents up to Market Rates. This Watermark Company apparently is trying to do the same thing, using extended renovations as their scheme. It is not right, and I hope the Council Members will pass laws to protect our Seniors allowing them to keep their apartments, especially when the residents are elderly, and have lived in their apartments for more than 10 years. This is just an example where the Landlords are taking advantage of outrageously ballooning rental prices in this horrific real estate bubble. They should also start to pass laws restricting foreign investors from coming to California to buy up blocks of real estate for development, especially when they don’t even live here. An American cannot buy real estate in India and many other countries, even if a legal resident. Let’s stop this American TAKEOVER from greedy foreigners who are taking advantage of our good will, and then stabbing those who fought for our liberties in the back after they have become elderly. THANK YOU for trying to protect the least vulnerable of our Society, the elderly and disabled, and helping them not become ledger names added to the Homeless Rosters. We must put a stop to this greedy nonsense.

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