LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A New York satellite radio personality and breast cancer patient says she was “violated” during a body cavity search at Los Angeles International Airport.

The video shows a barefoot Denise Albert, co-host of a SiriusXM Radio program called “The Moms,” undergoing a more extensive, manual pat-down after she says she tried to bring a medically necessary cream with her on her flight.

The female agent patted down Albert’s lower body without incident, but when the agent moved to Albert’s chest area, she put up a finger and said, “You can’t touch that. You cannot touch me.”

When a male supervisor intervened, Albert heatedly says she has breast cancer and has had a lumpectomy and has a metal port for chemotherapy in her body.

Albert, who posted the video on her Facebook page Monday, says she previously passed through TSA security checkpoints by telling agents about the metal port and her medical cream without any problems before.

“I have never been so humiliated or felt more violated in my life,” Albert wrote.

In an update posted Tuesday, Albert says the TSA called her to apologize for her experience. According to Albert, LAX officials have launched an investigation because agents are supposed to be trained on how to screen amid different medical issues and disabilities.

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  1. Terry Walton says:

    Why do we have to deal with low level mind thinking TSA agents who don’t get it?
    I am not a Trump fan, but let’s get fid of TSA and thier less than qualified inspectors.

  2. Terry –
    TSA agents are not mental midgets. Neither are they meanie-weenies. What they are, is professionals hamstrung by policy. They have no wiggle-room for discretion whatsoever. The entire matter of “normal” folks being treated like potential plane bombers is not about to get better – and in fact has no choice but to get considerably worse. Why? One undeniable, brain-thudding reason:

    TSA has hog-tied its group-think, “for God sakes, be politically correct” brain into pretending that all cultures are create equal, so therefore every person of every creed must be treated exactly the same. Behind closed doors the best & the bright of law enforcement know full well that criminal profiling is off-the-chart the most effective, smartest way to root out those of criminal mind. But they have been intimidated by an ignorant public.

    “Profiling” is no more than the smart, logical application of patterns. As humans we “profile” a thousand times a day – walking, driving, climbing stairs. In the absence of “profiling” we couldn’t cross a street or chew meat.

    Wiser society than ours profile the travelling public everyday.

    When is the last time you heard about a bombing in Singapore?

    As long as we continue this preposterous tack of “non-profiling” we will continue to see breast cancer patients treated like terrorists.

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