FONTANA ( — About 200 roosters were seized from a suspected cockfighting operation in Fontana, police officials said.

A search warrant was served Monday on two properties in the 8500 block of Redwood, where the birds were found, according to Fontana police Sgt. Kevin Goltara said.

The birds appeared to be kept in a manner consistent with being raised and trained for cockfighting, police said.

Several items that appear to be used for cockfighting were found at the two properties, including metal gaffs, veterinary medical supplies and wound treatment medication, police said.

Police say they also found drugs that could have been used to enhance the birds’ stamina and strength.

“There was also numerous medical supplies like animal steroids, which was used to bulk up the birds and make them stronger,” Goltara said.

Animal services confiscated the roosters and euthanized them.

No charges have been filed in the case.

A woman at one of the homes said Tuesday she has no connection to cockfighting.

Roosters are a common sight in Fontana. For residents accustomed to hearing their neighbors’ roosters crow, the incident is a reminder to remain vigilant against animal abuse.

“I’ve heard some of the younger crowd around here talking about betting on cockfights and stuff like that,” Fontana resident Brendan Hughes said. “I don’t like that kind of stuff. I’m definitely against animal cruelty.”



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