LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — One moment it’s there. The next, it’s gone.

Package theft can occur in just seconds. But there are steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of your holiday gifts getting swiped from your doorstep.

CBS2’s Randy Paige spoke with US Postal Inspector Mark Mancuso, who offered the following tips:

• Don’t have packages delivered to your door in the first place. Instead, ask that packages be held at the post office or at your local UPS location for pickup.

• Another alternative — have your packages delivered to a friend of relative you know will be home at the time of delivery.

• A third option is to sign up to receive a text notification when your package is delivered so you can make sure to take it off your porch right away.

• Or, tell your shipper to obtain a signature before leaving a package.

There are also a variety of Amazon Locker locations around Los Angeles, where Amazon customers can pick up or drop off packages.

Still, some prefer a DIY approach, such as Heather Poole of Riverside, who built a wooden box secured by padlocks after she had four packages stolen in three weeks. The lockbox comes complete with instructions for the driver.

“We haven’t had any packages stolen, knock on wood, since I put it in,” she said.


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