By Pat Harvey

LOS ANGELES ( —  She was born a boy in the body of a girl.

A refugee fled to the United States to change her gender to male.

But should that mean abandoning the idea of having a baby someday? CBS2’s Pat Harvey reports.

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  1. Was there not an editor on this article?

    Wants to transform from female to male…

    “Renee says she has felt like a girl since she was 5-years-old.

    “The first moment of my conscious life, I would say,” she says.”

    “Her desire to be a parent, kept the surgery to become female on hold.”

    I realize that everybody that writes these stories isn’t exactly up to Pulitzer standards, but you could at least try to be better than Yahoo. Gawd!

    1. Had to be born female: she is freezing her eggs not her sperm.

    2. Exactly-very poor editing. btw assuming she’s a refugee here for only 6 months, is refugee health insurance (a form of medicaid) paying for these services?)

    3. The editor also missed the error in the headline. “transgender woman” would be born male.

  2. What is sad, you idiots in California want to import those CESSPOOLS to this country.

    That is what makes me laugh are those who want to “secede”. Say the US allows you to: I am sure you will have open borders and allow all the new arrivals to vote – you will won’t you. Well what happens when the new arrivals want to reunite with Mexico. Little bit late isn’t it. Also, I am sure some other Super Powers will eye your new nation longingly. Since the rest of the US would be cut off from Alaska and Hawaii, they will be swallowed up by Russia and China. Probably the West Coast as well, because I cannot see you “fighting for your freedom”. Moral of the story, not going to happen. The US will resort to FORCE to prevent it. I don’t care if you delude yourselves with “Hillary got more votes”. Of course she did, if you count the 3 million or so Illegals that voted. We will see the level of support when you have to “field an army” and “navy” to enforce your secession. I suspect those “majorities” will hide under the rocks where they originally came from.

  3. There is no such person as “Renee”, there is only a profoundly mentally ill boy. This is the type of filth that the people of America need to be protected against.

    The only thing this person needs is a short trip back to where he came from.

  4. On one side of the street we have a journalist who is just giddy about a confused woman who has decided to be a man right after she freezes her eggs so she/he can have a child.

    On the other side of the street we have journalists applauding the bussing in of paid protesters to shout obscenities about Trump for leaving the toilet seat up in case Renee was in line behind him.

  5. Jaime Lynd says:

    This is the craziness that led to Trump’s victory. Obama (and California) cares more about handing out free sex changes to illegals than it does about enforcing our border and protecting US citizens from terrorism. I agree with Jeremiah. If you discount the 3,000,000 illegals who voted in the election, Trump won the Popular Vote, as well as the Electoral vote. People are sick of the far left insanity. I can’t wait for Trump to take office.

    1. KR Rayberry says:

      Its a dumb argument anyway. Just thinking of California, if the liberals really want to have a ‘open election’ where everybody’s voice is heard, all of a sudden a lot of Republican’s voices are going to come into play on each of the coasts that never come into play. I think Republican’s make up 38% of the electorate in CA, it would be very nice to get a population boost like that. The Liberals would not get that boost from any of the Republican States.

  6. Just another mentally ill person and reporter. Part of the failed Obama coalition. U do have to be a crazy to be a leftist on some level.

  7. What happened to the times when we helped our children accept who they are. Embrace their traits…..self acceptance? These individuals need help, not a fix under the knife.

  8. If you’re mentally ill enough to change your birth sex, then you’re too sick to raise children. Hey, weirdo, leave those kids alone!

  9. Where do refugees get the funds to pay for these procedures, technology, care? I’m sure they are ridiculously expensive.

  10. The whole thing is abomination! No mention is made of how she is funding this. I would bet her last centavo it is some welfare provider. Anchor EGGs, perfect.

  11. ““No, it would be easier if I was born a boy, not a girl,” because I don’t have the mentality, the character of a girl.”
    If you’re born a girl, you are a girl. You don’t have a choice, nature already made that for you.

  12. This is infuriating. My wife and I had to pay sixty thousand dollars for in vitro because our insurance wouldn’t cover it. I want to know who’s paying for this, considering that the person mentioned in the article is a refugee who’s only been here six months. This is a complete waste of resources and a slap in the face to American citizens who can only dream of this type of care.

  13. Aleric says:

    She is a girl, always will be a girl and guess who is paying for all this medical treatment? Not her.

  14. Rob Alinder says:

    Hypothetically, what happens in the courts should ‘Ms. Right’ divorce Renee, the father/mother, of his own child without birthing it? What an un-natural surreal custody nightmare!
    Lord help us all.

  15. Carol Wood says:

    The sad thing about this story is that no one is thinking of the child and what the future holds for them being with someone who is so mixed up and sick — that’s real child abuse!!

  16. Hoping the triumvirate of Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein paid for the -320* chill job.

    Good grief.

  17. This is NONSENSE. ‘It’ needs to be deported asap. Garbage like this is NOT a reason for accepting so-called ‘refugees’. Neither is ‘My Life sucks in my home country’.

  18. Clearly this is the type of person we DON’T want reproducing.

  19. Ra Williams says:

    I don’t have an issue with a trans person coming here, but do it the regular way. As a refugee, this person is going to get a lot of American tax dollars in medical care! Can we afford that when the inner cities are so broken down?

  20. Humans do not have a gender. Gender is a grammatical term applying to romance language nouns. Humans have a sex, which is created at conception, and is unchangeable. Calling a mental illness a ‘gender’ is sociopathic.

  21. Unless your home planet is Cybertron, you’re not trans-anything.

  22. If she cares about her eggs she is not a man.

    1. This crazy woman should not be permitted within 1000 yards of children.

  23. Sukie Tawdry says:

    No, she was born a girl in the body of a girl. Lots of women don’t share what’s considered a typical female character or mentality. It doesn’t mean they’re really men except with the wrong plumbing. People will do what they will, but delusions are a symptom of mental illness and we shouldn’t feed them.

    So, did this “refugee” come with a pile of money? Because egg extraction and storage and hormone therapy and “reassignment” surgery are very expensive. Who gets to pay for all this??

    1. Lulua Mahalo says:

      “ A refugee…” Even this, so called reporter can’t tell the truth. Pathetic!

      Congress peeps are counting on us to say nothing and do nothing.

      If you are happy with this, you’ll continue to be happy till the end.

      If you are not happy…what are you doing? (haha, I know)

      Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop…

  24. Robb Tipton says:

    So are we supposed to celebrate our medical “wonders” by paying more for this non-citizen’s perverted dream than most citizens will ever receive in assistance for their needs in their lifetimes?

  25. Lulua Mahalo says:

    The mentally ill need treatment, not political correctness.

  26. America, and this whole evil planet, has left Sodom and Gomorrah in the dust.
    Just waiting for God’s Judgment to fall.

  27. This story is straight out of …I don’t know what it is straight out of. California, maybe?

    She can be the MOTHER of the child because they are her eggs. She cannot be a FATHER as she has no sperm.


  28. Robert Cat says:

    The author of this article is clearly as confused by the transgender thing as I am. She says this person was born a male, but knew she was a girl, and she’s freezing her eggs???

  29. Clegg Jensen says:

    The whole world knows where the free stuff is and how to get it – just promise to vote Dem. Unless the new prez does something about it, in the near future, we will be eating Soylent Green crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and tripping over Muslims and Hispanics on our way to the bathroom at 2 in the morning.

  30. And the point to this article???? Ahhh…..Lemmme guess, she/he is illegal!

  31. What a stupid article. This is also the most frivolous reason to violate national laws. I suspect the person suffers from mental illness and now wants to be the opposite gender for no good reason. This is exactly the type of person we DON’T want to reproduce and the US tax payers are paying the bills.

  32. snailmailtrucker says:

    Do Humanity a Favor…. and Scramble those Eggs !

  33. WHEN are the brown skins and their gov’t enablers going to institute the white genocide? It’s a simple question, really. Let’s get this party started

  34. I was born an Apache attack helicopter in the body of a man. Does that mean I get a landing pad at taxpayer expense?

  35. Jay Barbieri says:

    Do so few understand they will answer to God when their time is up?

  36. As a US citizen, I sure hope some of my tax money is going to be used to pay for this. What an honor! This is what our forefathers died for!!!

  37. Steve Black says:

    The article is written in such a confused, haphazard manner that one can only assume that “Renee” is more confused and haphazard. Can’t figure out if “Renee” was born a woman and wants to become a man, or born a man and wants to become a woman. I’ve wasted 10 minutes of my life…makes me a chump, right?

  38. MH Thomas says:

    “A refugee fled to the United States to change her gender to male. But should that mean abandoning the idea of having a baby someday?”
    Uh… let me think… YES. You want to become a man? Well, here’s the thing: Men don’t have babies. Will this person someday demand that he/she be allowed to marry her/himself? Will he/she want two social security checks? These people don’t just want to be merely treated equally to the rest of us (the ONE THING that is there right)… they want preferential treatment… they demand special privileges… they want to change their mind whenever they feel like it. And they don’t care what it costs the American taxpayer to build bathrooms for a third, fourth or fifth “sex” in every public place. This is the Age Entitlement where every whim becomes a “right”. It was created by Progressives who use all of these little groups of “victims” to garner (what else?) VOTES.

  39. David Gouge says:

    “Transgender Woman Freezes Eggs In Hopes Of Being Dad Someday”

    Anchor babies are out, anchor eggs are in.

  40. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Look more news about mentally disabled individuals whom the rest of us should embrace their sickness/psychosis and follow it like a cult/religion. Chop off your willy, grow some boobs, get your taco sewn up… who cares just keep it to your sick self!

  41. A woman can never become a “dad.” Also, a woman can never become a man. Further still, a “dad” can never produce eggs, only sperm. The Left is the home of the Luddite, anti-science bigots.

  42. Quite simply, I want to know. Who paid for this if she is a “refugee”.

  43. Trump cannot be President soon enough. This is just sick.

  44. Tom Lenz says:

    So, I assume she/he is paying for this through her/his company sponsored health plan? /sarcasm

    Folks, this is your taxpayer dollars at work in the Obama era.

  45. sgtted says:

    I don’t know any dudes that have eggs. Just sayin.

  46. No, You CHOSE to be a man now act like it.

  47. Anyway you look at it, it’s so wrong and violates nature.

  48. Jim Morrison says:

    Will they be Anchor Baby eggs?

  49. DaFox45 says:

    By the way, transgender people are heterosexual too … they should have said cisgender couples, not heterosexual couples. We aren’t ALL GAY! SMH

    1. DaFox45 says:

      And, for all you transphobic people commenting in this article, I could care less what you think … NOT AT ALL … so, don’t even look my way, let alone make your ignorant comments to what I said. You can all kick rocks, you judgmental idiots!