LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A federal judge in Los Angeles gave preliminary approval to a $26.3 million settlement for a class-action lawsuit against celebrity stylist Chaz Dean and marketer Guthy-Renker over Wen hair care products.

That means some six million people may be eligible for an award of up to $20,000.

A U.S. District Court judge must still give final approval of the settlement.

The lawsuit alleged Dean’s line of Wen shampoos and conditioners caused hair loss and scalp irritation.

“From what we understand about the product and how it causes hair loss is it contains virtually no cleanser. It’s like using lotion to wash your hair. So instead of removing the product when you rinse it off, it just becomes impacted in your hair follicle,” attorney Amy Davis said.

Wen released this statement: “Wen by Chaz Dean is safe and we continue to provide our hundreds of thousands of customers with the Wen by Chaz Dean products that they know and love. Since the process of litigation is time consuming and costly, we made a business decision to pursue a settlement and put this behind us so that we can focus on delivering quality products.”

But the problems may not be over for the company. The Food and Drug Administration is now investigating.

As of July, the FDA said it received 127 consumer complaints – the largest number of reports ever associated with any cosmetic hair cleansing product.

That is on top of the 21,000 complaints reported directly to Chaz Dean and the marketing company, according to the FDA.

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  1. Would love to read this article, but your Dignity Health ad makes it-literally impossible. Can’t get rid of it and hitting the cancel button just repeatedly takes you off the site to the Dignity site. Really, really bad form. This certainly brings awareness to Dignity Health. I would think twice before ever using them, given their sleazy advertising practices.

  2. How do you join this lawsuit? I used Wen and lost so much hair. My hair dressed noticed the large amount of hair coming out about the same time I noticed how thin my hair was getting. I stopped using the product 8 months ago and STILL have not had a significant regrowth.

  3. How do I join the class action lawsuit? I used this product and cancelled due to losing my hair.

  4. I used this product and it has no cleansing agent. It coats the hair like a lotion and does not clean. I had hair loss and my hair lost its luster to make matters worse they charged me for three months and I only got one months supply for over 100. dollars.

    Mary Brooks

  5. I wondered what was a going on with my natural hair. I lost a lot of hair my scalp was irritated and my scalp after washing and conditioning felt like fire. When I applied any kind of hair product my scalp it would burn. I immediately had to rinse my hair with cold water.I found out about women complaints about this product on The Morning news. This products should be removed for purchase. I can’t believe QVC is continuing to sell this product

  6. Lily Palmore says:

    I used this produce and developed hair loss. I brought the first round and my hear felt and good I then brought more of the produce and about half way into the bottles my scalp developed a rash white, little small pimples and my hair fell out. This was years ago. I am still fighting to get my hair to regrow.

  7. Jeanne Morris says:

    I stopped using Wen three years ago when I and my hair dresser noticed my hair falling out. How or who do I report this to, and how do I get included in the lawsuit?

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