HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A man who admitted that he destroyed Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was arrested Thursday.

James Otis was taken into custody shortly before 8 a.m., according to LAPD Commanding Officer Cory Palka.

CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom reported Otis planned to hold a news conference with his lawyer at the site of Trump’s star before turning himself into authorities; however, he was arrested before being able to do so.

A video posted on Deadline Hollywood appears to show Otis smashing the star in the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard early Wednesday morning.

In the footage, a man dressed as a construction worker, repeatedly swinging a pick ax and a sledgehammer at the terrazzo to remove the brass star and letters.

Otis said he planned to auction off the pieces of the star to raise funds for the women who have recently accused Trump of sexually assaulting them.

According to police, the star itself is worth about $2,500, which makes the destruction that Otis allegedly caused a felony.

Trump received the star in 2007 while producing and starring in “The Apprentice.”

Repairs are currently underway. The refurbished star should be ready to be unveiled for a second time sometime next week.

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  1. Charles Volcher says:

    Why is this JERK entitled to a news conference! ?!?!? PUT HIM IN JAIL NO CONFERENCE

  2. Jeff says:

    I hope this fool spends the nest 5-10 years behind bars. He admitted that it was being planned for several weeks, so it was premeditated. What a lowlife. He says he has a wife and daughter and Trumps sexual talk is what made him do it….then he says he loves Hitlery who protects a real sexual predator…..what an idiot! He is a little SJW that has no sense….I hope the cops lock him up at the “news Conference” and never let him speak.

  3. So, James Lambert Otis hates Trump for his alleged assaults on women, but loves Hillary for enabling Bill’s proven ones. Is that about right?

  4. Webster Phreaky says:

    “SUSPICION” ??? Are you kidding, he Video Taped it all showing his face and admitting to it and then distributed it on YouTube!! Unless he has an exact twin, lets knock off the Suspicion BS and get to the Trial and then lock up the FELON!! If this had been a Trump supporter and done it to say the Hil-liar-y Clinton Star for “Best Pathological Liar on TV and Media”, there would be NO use of the word “Suspicion” from the Lefty Media like C,,BS.

  5. Joe says:

    Just goes to show what type of mental midgets are supporting Hillary.

  6. This POS is a poster child for today’s far left liberals…Our way..or no way! Compare HIM to US when HE elected that POS Obama POTUS twice….THAT is the difference between them and us!

  7. The corrupt leftist media should end its dangerous assault on America and normalcy.

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