HAWTHORNE (CBSLA.com)  —  Traffic in the Southland is not exactly a new concept.

But while it can get old, it pretty much always s stressful and frustrating.

KCAL9’s Greg Mills hit the streets Friday to find out which gender is more likely to hit the brakes on road rage.

It’s a common myth that men are more prone to road rage.

So whose more likely to see red on the road?

“I think women,” said Chris Anderson.

And, survey says, he is correct.

Based on a survey of 1,000 drivers in the UK by Hyundai, motorists thought women lost their cool more often.

The survey also recorded women’s emotional responses while driving using hand sensors.

“I have gotten angry,” said Mikayla Campbell.

Pamela Moore conceded to Mills she’s also been known to lose her temper while driving.

Men, before you start gloating — you’re by no means perfect.

“Women may be angrier but men I feel react with that anger,” said Eric Duarte.

He’s right, too. AAA says drivers under the age of 40, and especially male drivers in the group, are three times more likely than female drivers to exit their vehicles and get into it with another driver.

Dr. Judy Ho has counseled those with road rage. This is not some made up condition.

“Oh yeah, road rage? Absolutely!” she says.

Pamela Moore may not be a clinical psychologist but she knows why women get angrier behind the wheel.

“Women are angrier because we tend to do more. We’re in a rush. We have places to be, pick up the kids,” Moore believes.

Dr. Ho concurs.

“Women’s state of mind when they are driving, they are constantly thinking of all the things they still Have to do and it’s harder for them to focus just on driving,” Ho says.

She has some simple tips on how to remain calm while behind the wheel.

• Deep breaths before getting in the car

•  Listen to calming music

•  Plan ahead. Don’t get rushed.

Moore says also be resigned to the fact you might not be going as fast as you want.

“It’s traffic. We live in L,A.,” she says, “What are you gonna do?”


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