MORENO VALLEY ( — Neighbors are worried a predator is lurking around their hiking trails.

JulieAnn Stewart was jogging near her Moreno Valley home when she encountered a man’s inappropriate behavior.

“He ran up behind me,” Stewart said. “He was feet from me and I started running to the second house here.”

It’s been a few months since she ran from the guy who made creepy comments.

“He was saying stuff about the back of me and what he wanted to do,” Stewart said.

Three miles from Stewart’s  home a 25-year-old jogger says a man jumped out of the bushes and tried to kidnap her.

Police released two photos of the suspect’s older green truck with furniture in the back.

truck Man Feared To Be Stalking Female Joggers In Moreno Valley


The man’s height of 5-foot-2 really caught Stewart’s attention because the guy she ran from wasn’t much taller than her.

“The descriptions are very close,” Stewart said. “He’s short. Most men are not short. Also the area is so close.”

Because of these similarities, Stewart suspects the driver of the green truck could be the same man she came across in June.


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