INDIO ( — An Indio police officer faced a judge Friday on charges of sexually assaulting his young cousin, who was staying at his Palm Desert home.

Sergio Ramirez, 34, pleaded not guilty to charges of rape by force or fear, oral copulation by force or violence and forcible sexual penetration.

Ramirez was arrested Aug. 31 in Indio, but was released the following day on $85,000 bail.

According to a Riverside County sheriff’s investigator’s declaration in support of an arrest warrant, the 18-year-old woman identified as “V-1” began staying at Ramirez’s house in June and had planned to remain there until Aug. 8, when she planned to move away for college.

On Aug. 6, she said Ramirez came into her room in the early morning hours while she was asleep and lay down beside her. Feeling uncomfortable, she moved to another room and fell asleep on a couch, but woke again to Ramirez sexually assaulting her, according to the declaration.

She told investigators “she could not believe he was doing this because he has been such a positive role model for her and he is a police officer. She viewed him as a father figure,” the declaration said.

After the assault, the investigator said she fled to a friend’s home down the street and then went to Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, where she underwent a sexual assault examination.

Sheriff’s deputies say Ramirez’s wife texted the girl and asked her to lie to police and not undergo the sexual assault examination at the hospital. Ramirez’s wife also washed the clothes that the victim was wearing during the alleged sexual assault, according to the declaration.

A second sheriff’s investigator declaration for an arrest warrant states”family members have already attempted to dissuade the victim from moving forward with the case” and expressed concern for the victim’s safety, as Ramirez knew where she lived and deputies were unable to locate one of Ramirez’s firearms.

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Comments (10)
  1. Joe says:

    He’s a paid gang banger. Hilarious that she, or anyone else, would be surprised by his actions.

  2. ZumaMom says:

    Typical Hispanic behaviors from all the family members.

  3. Dan Prato says:

    Give em amnesty what could go wrong?

  4. copsareabovethelawgetusetoit says:

    Hopefully after he gets out of prison the police union will be able to get his job back for him.

    1. Joe says:

      LOL!! Yet some people wonder why when one of them goes down, such as the one in Lancaster or the two in Palm Springs, many of us don’t care. Many of them get away with their abuses. So, when one goes down, it’s just karma. You may not have done anything, but you belong to a gang and some of THAT GANG’S karma may come back to you.

    2. jim says:

      Or, as many police forces do, [even the city where I live], a policeman has to rape 4 or 5 women before the police even look into it, then the cop is given a pass for half of the rapes and can ple bargin down to a misdemeanor and get probation…Isn’t it wonderful to be a cop???

      [We had a cop pulling females over and raping them. He went through 5 or so women until one was smart enough to go to the hospitol and demand a rape kit. The cop first denied have sex with anybody except his wife. When the DNA report came in, he changed his story to consentual sex. Then the police checked the GPS recorder in his police car fit the other victim’s reports and witnesses saw the vehicle in the same areas. He finally confessed…but for what would get a citizen 45 years or more in prison, the cop just got 4 years and will probably be out in 2…]

      Again…Isn’t great to be a cop..??

  5. Nereida says:

    The story makes no sense. If she indeed felt although she was in danger why not leave immediately to her friends house or wake up the alleged rapist wife. All of you so quick to judge. How many times have authorities not manipulated a victim into a confession. I believe the accused is guilty of committing adultery, not rape.

    1. Sophie Katt says:

      YOU are the one who makes no sense.

      You’re an idiot.

      Let your cousin hold YOU down and force himself on YOU, then your cousin will only be guilty of “adultery’.

      You’re dumb as a box.

  6. Emack06 says:

    Disgusting pig

  7. Sophie Katt says:

    That wife of his should be prosecuted for WITNESS INTIMIDATION and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

    If I thought my man did this to a young relative, I certainly wouldn’t stand by him.

    She’s some piece of work, a woman who would sacrifice the innocence of a young girl, just in order to protect her COP HUSBAND?!?

    The rapist AND his crazy wife should both rot in prison.

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