BURBANK (CBSLA.com) — Jocelyn Lane said she was shocked when she heard a man catcalling an Alaska Airlines flight attendant while she gave safety instructions Sunday.

“Right when he said that [‘Damn, you’re sexy!’], she put down her stuff and walked over to him and said: ‘You need to knock it off,'” Lane recalled. “It was nice to see her be so strong.”

She said she could smell alcohol on the unruly passenger and later heard he had been drunk on flights before.

The man was eventually kicked off the plane, which was bound for Burbank from Seattle.

“The flight attendant came up and told the ladies: ‘I don’t usually lay the smack down that easily. There’s a back story there, but no body needs to sit next to that guy for two hours,” Lane added.

Lane posted her experience on Facebook saying she was “proud of that flight attendant, considering all the stuff that’s been happening with Trump.”

Perhaps because of the politics, another passenger’s Facebook post has gone viral. It read in part: “Today I had an experience that drove home so powerfully the way it feels to be a woman in the world today.”

That post brought about thousands of shares and comments. Many people agreed with her, including the person who wrote this comment: “Bravo Alaska Airlines! Tired of Boorish Behavior being Played off as ‘Just Joking’.”

Others thought it was an overreaction. One person wrote: “It’s Rude but, Come On, Kicked off the Plane? That’s and (sp) Example of Political Correctness Gone Too Far.”

“My initial reaction being that it wasn’t that big of a deal, and no, it was. This is how we need to change. Everybody’s mindset needs to change because that was a big deal,” Lane said.

An Alaska Airlines spokeswoman said the man was removed from the flight but then rebooked. She said the airline stands behind its actions.

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  1. Cindy Croom says:

    Airlines need to quit serving alcohol on the planes and at the airports.

    1. Mulehick says:

      So, it’s the airline and airport business’ fault? Seriously? They poured the alcohol down his throat? Why can’t he take some responsibility for his choices? He chose to drink. He chose to drink in excess and sounds like it wasn’t the first time. He chose to run his mouth inappropriately. People like you who want to blame everything and everyone else, who want to control and regulate everything like an overprotective parent are what is wrong with the country. They should have kicked his drunk, rude, crude ass off the plane and banned him from flying.

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