SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Vin Scully’s iconic voice on the videoboard welcomed a sellout crowd to Game No. 162, the regular-season finale, yes, and more notably the last of his decorated, Hall of Fame broadcasting career.

“It’s time for Giant-Dodger baseball, the greatest rivalry in all of professional sports,” Scully declared.


Scully attended morning Mass in the ballpark as is his usual Sunday routine and then headed for his booth to work as he has done for an astounding 67 years — exactly 80 years after he became a Giants fan at age 8 in the Bronx.

“This is his last game, and we’re honored to think he’d come up here, 80 years to the day that he became a Giants fan,” San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy said. “That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Not just a tremendous body of work but how long he’s been doing it and how great he still is. So it’s pretty cool.”

Fans in the sellout crowd turned to look up at Scully with their standing ovation and held signs as a Scully video welcomed fans on the scoreboard shortly before first pitch at AT&T Park, where he has been riding in and out of the ballpark on Hall of Famer Willie Mays’ golf cart and had some time to reminisce with the Say Hey Kid on Saturday.

The 88-year-old Scully politely declined any kind of on-field celebration offered by the Giants. San Francisco then jumped to a 2-0 lead in the first.

“Just as it has been for two years, the Dodgers are in trouble at AT&T Park,” Scully said. “The sun has broken through the clouds and it is shining on the Giants for the moment.”

Scully’s booth featured a special security detail all weekend, and Scully had several personal drivers to get around the city. He handled the Giants’ broadcast in the third inning, then said while San Francisco fans might consider it no big deal, it was for him, noting his appreciation of the thoughtful gesture.

The Oakland Raiders took out a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle honoring Scully with the NFL team’s longtime catchphrase, “Commitment to Excellence.”

“VIN MISS U ALREADY” one sign blared. The media cafeteria featured cupcakes with an edible message of “Thank You Vin” with a tiny microphone.

Scully offered some memorable phrases early in his finale:

During Hunter Pence’s first-inning at-bat, Scully noted, “He would make coffee nervous. … He’s just been a wild man swinging the bat this series.”

“A room-service fly ball to Angel Pagan,” he called Adrian Gonzalez’s fly to left in the second. Later, Scully described Pagan’s “piercing eyes.”

Fans received a special poster with a photo of Scully in an orange sport coat that read:




October 2, 2016”

On back, it read, “THANK YOU VIN”

Even the out-of-town scoreboard beneath the right-field arcade paid tribute with “THX” in one slot and “VIN” below it.

Giants CEO Larry Baer and Mays presented a plaque to Scully before the top of the fourth, and Scully apologized for coming back tardy to the broadcast.

“There’s a game going on,” Scully said, “Thank you, Larry.” He went on to express his gratitude for the Giants’ hospitality all weekend with him and his family.

In the middle of the inning, Giants fans stood again to honor Scully as Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” played. Scully, Mays and Baer were shown on the video board, and the Giants announced a plaque to be hung in the visiting broadcast booth.

Everybody involved seemed to appreciate the moment, being a tiny part of it or simply playing witness to the end of an era in baseball.

“It’s hard to repeat what happened last Sunday at Dodger Stadium, but the finality now, Dodgers-Giants, I know there might be a tear in Vin’s eye,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “To be a part of what he’s done in his last game, I’ll give him a little salute at some point.”

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  1. Deni705 says:

    Win this last one for Scully, Los Angeles, and beat the hated Giants one last time.

    1. Deni705 says:

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      I’m PU$SY MIKE the INTERNET BlTCH and I lick trump nuts

  2. Bobby says:

    Today I was 8 years old again. Thank you Vin Scully for calling this last game against the Giants.
    My dream came true. Knowing all year your final game would be in San Francisco, it was my wish that # 24 would show up, WILLIE MAYS. And he did ! Thank you Willie Mays, because even though I was always a Dodger fan, to me, you were the greatest player I ever saw and I always wanted to see you play great. I’m 60 years old now, with tears running down my face because I’m so happy you were there. And thanks Mr. Scully for having Willie in the booth today and echoing my feeelings. I remember watching games from not yet enclosed, windy Canlestick park when I was 7 or 8 years old, with Vin & Jerry Doggett calling the game. And the post game interviews sitting in the field level dugouts with of course, Willie Mays. I just couldn’t wait to hear you two talk baseball. I envy you so much Mr. Scully, for all the great players you have had the privilage to watch play, the great plays, the historic home runs (Aaron, Mays, Clemente, Mc Covey, Gibson, Mantle), the Koufax no hitters, Mr Roy Campenella, Willie Davis, Sweet Lou Johnson. You got to see Bob Gibson, Warren Spahn, Whitey Ford, Willie Stragell, for free, and get paid for it ! The great stories and your fantastic memory. I heard the love and appreciation in your voice for the old Dodgers from Brooklyn, during so many broadcast.
    Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Carl Furillo, Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, Johnny Padres, Drysdale and all the rest of the great Dodgers. I have repeated your stories so often, I feel like I was right there next to you in the booth. Thanks you again Vin Scull for great career, Thank you Willie Mays for showing up today. Today I was 8 years old again.

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