PASADENA ( — The Girvetz family spent part of the afternoon dropping off flyers in Eaton Canyon.

This Pasadena family is concerned about a mama bear and her two cubs that frequent the neighborhood, rummaging through trash cans. The bears even took a dip in a pool two weeks ago.

“We’re delivering flyers to move the bears far, far away,” 8-year-old Eli Girvetz.

His sister does not think the bears are cute and cuddly.

“I think the bears are really dangerous, and they could break into another house,” 5-year-old Lexi Girvetz said.

Ken Girvetz grew up in the area and says he’s seen a change in the bears’ behavior.

The interface is becoming more intense and frightening,” Gervitz said. “The bears have become more aggressive and more comfortable with people, so it’s harder to separate.”

Girvetz hopes to get enough signatures on a petition to have a bear and her cubs moved or even euthanized.

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But not everyone in the area agrees with the tactic.

CBS2 spoke to fish and wildlife spokesman Andrew Houghan who says Girvetz’s efforts are unwarranted.

“No matter how many signatures they collect, they are not going to move or euthanize the bears,” Girvetz said. “I understand their passion but it doesn’t warrant proactive action. It’s a tough situation but they moved up there and they know it shouldn’t be a surprise if there’s wildlife there,” Houghan said.

Girvetz plans to take the collected signatures to local lawmakers.

Comments (2)
  1. Cimmy says:

    If something isn’t done people could start poisoning these bears.

  2. Don’t live where there’s wild life. What is wrong with these people.? I know to keep coyote and wolves away from your property, you can put llama droppings around perimeter. Not sure if it would work for bears. Great for the soil. They better not harm those bears. If they do, all of Altadena residents will make that family know they’re not welcome.

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