FONTANA (  — Parents in Fontana met Wednesday to discuss a 2014 bill they didn’t know allowed sex offenders to be on school campuses if school principals gave their permission.

Parents told KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz they were outraged that such a law could be enacted without their knowledge.

The bill read, “Any person who is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290, including a parent/guardian of a district student, shall request written permission from the principal before entering the school campus or grounds.”

Cruz reported it was a victory for parents and the community.

“I do not want my two little cousins around any sex offenders. If anybody ever hurt them I would be so angry, I don’t know what I would do,” said one young girl.

“Don’t play with our kids because there’s going to hell to pay for it,” said one parent.

Parents are concerned about a new policy the Fontana School Board is discussing — allowing principals to grant registered sex offenders permission to volunteer at schools — as long as parents are notified.

It’s all because a state law quietly passed in 2014 has come to light which allows sex offenders to ask to volunteer.

“I do also understand this is not a new law. This law has been on the books for awhile. So here’s the problem, how did we as school districts allow this law to be on the books as long as it has been?” said another angry parent.

A district spokesperson says they were never looking at a policy to open the doors to sex offenders, but now they are trying to comply with state law.

“We have to sit down with the attorneys. We have to follow the law,” said board member Barbara Chavez.

Minutes later another board member seemed to take a different tone.

“The people have spoken and we will not let sex offenders into our campuses,” board member Jesse Armendarez said.

The board ended up voting “no” to any sex offenders being on campus at any time.

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  1. Shelly Stow says:

    Lawsuit in the making! Bring it on.

    1. quit being stupid says:

      and you are what is wrong with America, Shelly Stow. Sue happy people that would rather make a mountain out of an anthill.

      1. Shelly Stow says:

        How so? Actually, I’m not sue-happy at all, but if I were on the registry and state law said I could visit my child at school but I wasn’t allowed because the school board was violating state law, that wouldn’t likely change unless a suit was brought. I agree with you that almost all crime of this type against children is committed by those not already on the registry.

      2. Joe Low says:

        Lawsuit? Yep, Now there is a lawsuit being filed.

        Today a lawsuit was filed in state court challenging a decision by the Fontana Unified School District to prohibit all registrants, including parents, from entering all 45schools in that district. The five members of the school district board voted unanimously in favor of the “zero tolerance” policy on September 14 after several angry parents threatened to oust any board member who opposed it.

        According to the lawsuit, the school board policy is preempted by state law and is inconsistent with other state laws which require schools to allow parents and guardians of school children to participate in the education of their children. The lawsuit requests that the court issue a writ of mandate requiring the school district to stop enforcement of the policy.

        “The Fontana Unified School District is violating state law each and every day it enforces the unlawful policy of prohibiting all registrants from entering all schools in that district,” stated civil rights attorney Janice Bellucci.

        The lawsuit also alleges that the school board is exceeding its authority by creating and then enforcing a policy that excludes registrants from school campuses.

  2. tickle me elmo says:

    Silly parents. They may as well take up the pitch forks and torches. First grade Pleasant Ridge Elementary School teacher Kara Kay Israel was not a registered sex offender and she was allowed on school property. Now that she is registered what differences does it make? How did the registry protect her victims? It didn’t. People need to realize that most sex crimes are committed by people not on the registry. As they victimize, harass, ostracize and toss to the curb those who have already been punished and are on the registry, they are blind to the people who have never been caught. Sex crimes will occur at schools but most will never be reported. How is the registry effective in this regard? I’d sooner trust the devil I know than the one I don’t. But, let’s throw more money at it.

  3. concerned parent says:

    Less than 5% of those on the registry present any risk to children. The real risk to children is the 95% of offences that are committed by trusted people that have never been convicted of any crime and so they are not on any registry list. Banning registrants from schools does not protect any child. Schools that allow registrants to attend their children’s plays and sporting events and be involved with their own children’s activities at school are actually helping to reduce recidivism. They always require the registrant to get permission and be supervised. The only way to eliminate 95% of the risk to children would be to require every teacher and school staff member and every parent to be supervised and never be alone with children. That would really eliminate the risk to children at school. But prohibiting registrants from being at their child’s school with permission and supervision will not reduce the risk and most likely will increase the risk of recidivism and cause emotional problems for their children that never have their parent see any of their accomplishments in school. Think about the children. Banning registrants from schools puts children at risk so don’t ban registrants from schools.

  4. quit being stupid says:

    Parents are now having a fit about this after 2 years. Well, clearly none of them watch the news. Teachers are arrested daily for some type of crime against a student. The ones on the registry are the least of your concerns people, its the ones that aren’t that you need to be concerned about.

  5. Those on the registry have a right to be at a school as long as they have a child that attends the school and there is no law that could change that, it is time for americans in the united states to quite with the stereotype attitude because you never know with the way this country is going your child or spouse might be the next one on the registry, the Government has declared Martial Law on a unfavorable group individual by passing the registry so for those who are screaming we don’t want sex offenders in our neighborhood our anywhere around our children just remember you are fueling the fire for more unconstitutional laws and when they are done
    torturing those on the registry they will start making a registry for you nexted !

  6. yellowroselady says:

    I find humor in this even being “newsworthy” but since it is I would like to ask a “real newsworthy” question….aren’t these concerned citizens questioning why so many “on school grounds” have committed sexual crimes?

    Unfortunately, these kinds of stories are becoming more common across the country. In 2014 alone, there were 781 reported cases of teachers and other school employees accused or convicted of sexual relationships with students.

    Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry

  7. Sunland says:

    And so now we must have a law to keep all the parents that smoke meth at home while their kids are at school, to not be allowed on the campus. Drug offenses have a gross recidivism rate and usually have poor social morals; where as (s)ex-offenders have a +-3% recidivism rate, mostly for an different crime, not a new sex related crime.*

    When a person with a former sex crime is sentenced they must finish a treatment program (some of these people are kids themself, ages as low as 10 – 40% of all sexual abuse of children is committed by youth under the age of 18. [ ]).

    Drug and DUI (w/manslaughter) crimes require little to no rehabilitation and the crowd that these crimes reside with are typically designed to exploit children by selling alcohol and drugs.

    Many people do not understand what a sex crime is. Stop judging people for being on the registry, and start talking to them. You might see some things differently.

    *…premise is that sex offenders are somehow different from other criminals and can’t change, but a 2003 study found that sex offenders had a three-year recidivism rate of 5 percent for another sex crime; that compares with a 47 percent rate for other criminals committing another crime. –

    Fighting the Destruction of Families! ~ Arizona Chapter

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