ANAHEIM ( —  KCAL9 on Tuesday broke the news about at least seven children coming down with a strange bacterial infection after visiting a dentist’s office in Orange County.

On Wednesday, parents of several more children came forward to say their children were also sick.

Doctors believe as many as 500 children may have been exposed to the infectious bacteria.

The children all underwent a procedure similar to a root canal at Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim between May and September, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Last week, Children’s Dental stopped doing the procedure in question, reported CBS2’s Michele Gile.

Seven kids who were patients at Children’s Dental Group have been treated at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Symptoms include abscesses in their mouths and necks. Some of the abscesses have required surgery.

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On Wednesday, Gile spoke to more angry parents who wanted to know how their children got infected.

One girl’s frightened parents took their young daughter  to the emergency room at Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim.

“I want their license revoked,” says Cecilia Roman, a mom, “I want that place to be shut down. I want someone to investigate. I can’t believe there are people out there that would hurt kids. And just to run up a bill. At the end of the day, she had three teeth taken out of her mouth. Her face was swollen up. I felt like I let my daughter down.”

Doctors at Kaiser are monitoring Roman’s daughter, Hailey, for possible infection. She visited the dental clinic in June.

Roman said her daughter went in to have her teeth cleaned and that they pulled three teeth without her authorization.

Orange County Health and the California Dental Board  are both investigating — they will look at the cleanliness of equipment and the water source used at the facility to try to determine what went wrong.

On Tuesday, Gile spoke to the CEO of the Children’s Dental Group who she quoted as saying, “We are on it.”

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  1. Kay Mack says:

    What WAS the bacteria?? Geez! That’s rather the most important part of the story. I’ve heard of stuff like this, and it seriously makes you wonder, if it isn’t part of a covert research.

  2. Doug says:

    If you want to learn more about serious dangers in the dental office, please visit

  3. inspector says:

    This is an infection control breech, plain and simple.

    A lot of consumers are really clueless as to the safety of the medical and dental offices. Are you aware that there are very few rules and regulations for dental/medical offices. But most importantly there is ZERO enforcement, and no inspections – period.

    Restaurants are held to higher standards with grading and enforcement.

    With the 100’s of federal agencies, even the CDC being alerted, very little will be done. The fact of the matter is that ALL dental/medical offices have no official – MANDATORY – requirement for public safety. This is the shocking point.

    Most of the CDC, and ADA- American Dental Association only make recommendations but there is no enforcement. Dentist like doctors are expected to ethnically and morally “self govern”

    Go to an dental office in a poor neighborhood and then go to Beverly Hills. The fact of the matter is until we make things MANDATORY thru REGULATION and ENFORCEMENT it is all theater!

    Yes you can scream, yell and cry, but the bottom line facts are this is just another SAD case where it will be out of peoples minds till the next episode. The government needs to make mandatory changes with MANDATORY regulations.

    In any case, the only way to ensure your safety is be an informed consumer! Do NOT rely on the doctor or dentist to do it for you. Don’t fall prey to the white coat syndrome and loose all your ability for truth and reason.

    You must test and have your doctors PROVE to you that they are safe. There is much more going on, once you start asking.

  4. inspector says:

    this one will really make you wonder why so many people die and no one cares…..

  5. Robert Faust says:

    The story is almost too sensational to believe – you send your child in for a teeth cleaning and they extract three teeth without authorization? Children coming down with abscesses and infections?

    It’s hard to believe that dental offices are not under the same stringent requirements for safety and sanitary conditions as a restaurant.

    As parents, you have to stay informed and on alert. I have friends that shared with me that there was recently a skin rash outbreak in a Lake Forest elementary school; the school system jumped on it, alerted all schools and parents in the district and gave instructions on what parents could watch for as far as symptoms.

    Seems like something like this would be good for more than just school systems – but, you have to balance that with the differences between public sector and private sector.

    Let’s do what we can to come up with a sensible solution that protects everyone involved.

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