LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Two men were arrested on trespassing charges Monday after rushing onto the dance floor while Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte made his debut during a live broadcast of “Dancing with the Stars” in the Fairfax District.

As judge Carrie-Ann Inaba was giving Lochte and his partner Cheryl Burke her opinion of their performance, two men wearing anti-Ryan Lochte shirts, charged toward him.

That was when Inaba yelled: “Hey, back off!”

Security guards tackled the men and removed them from the set.

After the incident, the show quickly went to a commercial break. When the show came back on, the host asked for Lochte’s reaction.

“So many feelings are going through my head right now, a little hurt,” Lochte said. “But you know I came out here. I wanted to do something that I’m completely not comfortable with, and I did.

“Honestly, I just felt like someone just reached inside and took my heart out, just tore it to shreds. And I was really hurt when I saw that. And I was in shock. Then I looked at Cheryl, she just smiled and said: ‘You just did what you said you can’t do. You danced in front of millions. And I was like: ‘You’re right,’ ” Lochte told Entertainment Tonight .

CBS2/KCAl9’s Rachel Kim talked to a member of the audience who witnessed the whole thing.

“They were wearing white shirts that had Lochte’s name on it with an X. So, it was just insane. And then four other women were behind them as well, saying the same. But they immediately got arrested. Security came. They handled everything,” Kelsey Chao recalled.

Chao said the women kept saying: “No, no, no. … I just think it’s insane that people still hold it against him,” she said.

Lochte made headlines with a false account of being robbed at gunpoint by police during the Summer Olympics in Brazil.

United States team officials banned Lochte for 10 months, requiring him to forfeit $100,000 in bonuses and miss the 2017 world championships.

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