LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — An anti-Hillary Clinton street artist is targeting the Democratic presidential nominee in more than a dozen posters recently spotted across Los Angeles that depict the former Secretary of State wearing little clothing and covered in unflattering tattoo ink.

The posters, created by LA street artist Sabo, were affixed to utility boxes and light posts near LA City Hall and the Seventh Veil strip club along Sunset Boulevard, among other locations. Twenty such posters went up around Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which first reported on the posters.

Clinton’s tattoos appear to include references to her fundraising from wealthy donors — a sleeve tattoo of $100 bills and a stack of bills next to the words “fat stax.” There’s also an apparent reference to her pro-choice position, with the skeleton of a fetus about to be cut by scissors. Click here for full images. (WARNING: photos may contain disturbing content. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Sabo has unveiled other anti-Clinton street art in Los Angeles recently, including a poster that depicts Clinton and actor Leonardo DiCaprio stuck inside washing machines filled with dollar bills. Clinton’s washer bears the inscription,”Clinton Crime Family laundering money since 1997.”

“I am the fastest censored street artist in the city of Los Angeles,” Sabo says in his Twitter bio. “I am not a Left-Wing-Zombie-Artist. I am on the edge, the only true rebel artist in LA.”

In February, former presidential hopeful Ted Cruz discontinued selling merchandise created by Sabo after the online talk show “Young Turks” unveiled a string of racist tweets by the street artist.

Earlier this month, the anarchist group INDECLINE unveiled naked Donald Trump statues in many major cities, including Los Angeles.

Some political observers opined that the statues represented a new low in political discourse, while others were quick to point out that this election cycle has a way of setting the bar ever lower.

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  1. mike says:

    Sabo is Mexican and the furthest thing from a racist – He stirs things up with language on purpose to point out the ridiculousness of how easily offended the zombies are by words – Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never harm me”…? Most won’t notice so I’ll point out the Saul Alinsky tattoo placed on hillary’s right arm – If you haven’t read Rules For Radicals yet now is the time to do so – Then look up the connection between hillary and Alinsky….

  2. Alexis J Smith says:

    where can we buy Sobo’s art?