LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will wrap up a two-day visit to Southern California with fundraisers in the Hollywood Hills and Laguna Beach.

Clinton’s first stop will be at a $33,400 per person luncheon fundraiser at the Hollywood Hills home of singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel, hosted by actors Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston and television producer Shonda Rhimes.

Her next stop will be another $33,400 per person luncheon fundraiser in Laguna Beach, which includes a photo with Clinton. Couples paying $100,000 are also admitted to a host reception with Clinton.

She will end her latest Southern California visit with a second Laguna Beach fundraiser, with tickets priced at $2,700, the maximum individual contribution for a presidential candidate in the general election under federal law. Guests raising $27,000 are admitted to a host reception with Clinton.

The $33,400 figure is the maximum amount an individual can contribute to a national party committee in a year.

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  1. Wobb Les says:

    of course the old criminal is going to where all the rich liberals live. How about she come out and see all the people who just lost their homes in the recent fires? Of course not. There’s no money in it and she doesn’t care about people who don’t pay her 5 figures and up….

  2. Shirley A Blackburn says:

    Can’t help but observe there are caring teachers who are waiting in line at Walmart to buy supplies for their students while Hollywood types are willing to pay $33,000 to have a picture taken with a politician or to press flesh at a $100,000.clip for ego and a bit of an advantage. What a great nation!

  3. Build The Wall says:

    That entire family is on the take. She claims to be all about women’s right, but she takes millions from countries that treat women like second class citizens. Killary and Slick Willy have approx. forty five dead bodies scattered from Arkansas to Washinton.

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