CAJON PASS ( — Two San Bernardino County firefighters were injured fighting the Blue Cut fire Tuesday.

Both suffered smoke inhalation.

One had firs- degree burns on an ear.

Both were taken to a hospital, treated and went back to work.


The firefighters were trying to protect a home when they were injured. The home was under evacuation orders, but residents had refused to leave.

Flames overcame the home. Firefighters hunkered down inside the home while a wave of flame passed over.

“Just because of the wind direction, we were fully engulfed,” said Cody Anderson, one of the injured firefighters. “Visibility was extremely low. It was very hard just to see your hand in front of your face. We just hunkered down and waited until the fire blew over.”

Cody admitted it was scary but said training kept him calm.

The two residents who had refused to leave were not injured.