SANTA CLARITA ( — Cesar Millan, a well-known “dog whisperer,” is coming to the rescue of animals displaced by the massive Sand Fire burning in northern Los Angeles County.

Kim Glass, who works for Millan, said he called her Sunday night to have her take in displaced animals at his ranch.

“I got the phone call and he said, ‘You just got to take them. Find a spot for them,’ ” said Kim Glass. “So we did.”

Glass said they took in miniature goats, sheep, donkeys, and a horse.

In all, the ranch took in 88 displaced animals, including several tortoise families and lambs.

“We just made shelter because we knew they’d need shade,” she said. “And we just figured out where to put them.”

In addition, three outside ranches dropped off evacuated animals because of the fire.

“They haven’t been given an all-clear. They have no idea. And so, they will stay until they are ready to be picked up. They’ve given us food for a week. I don’t think anybody expects that but it’s hard with the fire,” she said.

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