COVINA ( — New video and a 911 call have been released after a deadly officer-involved shooting at a Carl’s Jr. in Covina.

Police there say they released the evidence in order to determine what happened before the shooting.

In the security footage from July 6, police say 19-year-old Victor Sigala is seen entering a Walmart wearing a tank top and carrying a T-shirt into the store.

They say he’s then seen in the sporting goods section, where he took a BB gun off the rack.

Police believe he stuffed the gun into his waistband and put on his shirt before walking out of the store and then riding off on his bicycle.

Minutes later, police say they got a 911 call.

Dispatcher: “911.”
Caller: “I saw a man with what appeared to be a gun riding a bicycle and it looked like he was loading it or messing it with it somehow.”

As officers were searching for the man, they got a call about a shooting a half-mile away at a Carl’s Jr.

Covina police say an off-duty LAPD reserve officer was about to order some food when a man tried to rob him and showed him a gun.

That’s when police say the officer in fear for his life and the lives of others shot the man, who later died. He was identified as Sigala.

“It was later determined that the BB gun we saw him take is the same weapon he had in his possession when he was shot at Carl’s Jr.,” Sgt. Gregg Peterson of the Covina Police Department said.

Tuesday night, Sigala’s family and friends held a vigil and marched in protest at the Carl’s Jr., voicing their anger and calling for justice.

Covina police say they understand but also want all the facts of the case to come out.

“It’s important, not just for the victim, but also for the deceased person, we need to know exactly what happened,” the sergeant said.

Covina police say they are investigating the robbery, while the LAPD is investigating the shooting.

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