There are two critical objectives to consider when building and maintaining a website: getting people to the site and communicating a message effectively. When building a website, you should keep in mind three specific items, among many, including HTML tags, choice of multimedia and helpful software.

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HTML <title> Tags

As you may remember from your HTML 101 class, the basic skeletal outline of any webpage is the simple tag system:








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Pay close attention to the <title> tag. The information within this tag appears at the top of the browser in the tool bar. It is the name used to save in your bookmarks, and it is what search engines use when directing visitors to your site. You should use a title that specifies exactly what you want people to know, for instance, “Ben Adam: Attorney, Legal Consulting, Criminal, Civil, Corporate.”


Flash is a very popular way of presenting multimedia on a website. With time, however, it seems that less and less people know about it. Some experts say it is because of the popularity of YouTube. If people are not familiar with flash, they do not install it, and thus when they go to a website, all they get is a big error message instead of the flash video that is intended.

For this reason, one should consider using YouTube for multimedia on a website. It is easy. Just create a YouTube account, upload your video, then copy the HTML code provided by YouTube and paste that code into the html file you are building for your own website. Everyone knows about YouTube, so many issues are avoided by using this method.


Experience says that the big favorite for software among website developers is Adobe Dreamweaver. All of the difficult features that you dream about doing on your website are done very easily in Dreamweaver. The only problem is the cost. Of course, most good software is going to cost a lot of money. Dreamweaver normally sells for several hundred dollars, but it appears to be worth it.

If one is into Linux, the HTML editor software is free. A favorite and a very good piece of software is KompoZer. KompoZer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor, but it also allows one to change the HTML code by hand. Obviously, anything free is not as good as Dreamweaver, but with a little skill in HTML coding, KompoZer is a great tool for creating nice websites at no cost.



This article was written by Richard Carranza of for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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