CALABASAS ( — A building that was to be used for a summer camp was destroyed by the Old Fire, which burned over 500 acres in the Calabasas area.

It was the only building destroyed by the fire. One home had minor damage, officials said.

The Camp Wildcraft Building is just off Mullholland Highway, at Old Topanga Road.

It’s part of a mountain preserve owned by the City of Calabassas.

The area hasn’t seen a major wildfire since the 1940s.

A bridge that leads to the building was also damaged.

Firefighters heard propane tanks exploding near the building just as it burst into flames Saturday night.

The fire flared up again around 7 a.m. Sunday, and the flames were quickly put out by firefighters.

Shari Davis of Camp Wildcraft said her organization works with Mountains Restoration Trust, to operate an environmental education camp and center.

“It’s devastating. We’re in shock. You can only protect so much once fire hits,” said Davis.

Davis said they plan to open Monday, even though their headquarters are ruined.