SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( —  The concerned mother of a 16-year-old seen beating beaten on video while he was in school at Dymally Senior High is speaking out.

[Editor’s Warning] The video is quite violent. It shows the teen beating repeatedly punched and pummeled.

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Maria Medina wants to know who would hurt her son in such a fashion but more importantly why no one was there to stop the attack.

KCAL9’s Peter Daut spoke to Medina on camera Thursday — she expressed through tears how worried she is for her son’s safety. (He also spoke to Medina off-camera on Wednesday.)

In the cellphone video, a classmate is shown wailing on the teen’s face. At one point,  another attacker, shirtless, even jumps off a wall to hit the victim in the face from a different angle.

The victim barely fights back or defends himself. Finally, he is able to get away from the two alleged assailants.

The attack took place in school earlier this month. And Daut reported it happened during school hours and just feet away from a classroom.

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Medina spoke to Daut in Spanish. He translated.

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“Why did they hit him?” she asks. “Why did they knock him down?”

She says his attackers demanded money and when he didn’t pay up, they retaliated.

“I want justice,” she said.

“Just the fact he wasn’t responding back should have been a sign to stop, but they didn’t,” says the victim’s older brother, Eleazar Arellanes

The victim’s older brother says the attackers have been expelled from the school. But he and his mother still want the district to step up security; they are outraged the attack happened on campus without any adults to stop it.

“I think ‘my God,’ what’s going to happen'” she says.

The boy was taken to the hospital but was not seriously injured, she said.

Tje victim’s mom says her son is now afraid to go to school; he’s worried that what happened in the video could happen again.

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The district released a statement Thursday saying the incident is being investigated by its police department and that additional resources are now being provided to the school to ensure students and faculty are safe.