HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A woman who lost almost a third of her weight spinning has found a new career path helping others to reach their own dreams.

Heather Peggs never in her wildest dreams thought she’d be front-and-center inspiring others to reach their goals.

Peggs used to weigh 220 pounds and gained the weight after making a huge life decision to get sober.

“I kind of hide. I was like a shell,” she said. “I didn’t want anybody to see me.”

But that was before she went to her first SoulCycle class and was hooked. She felt her body changing and after a year was down 60 pounds.

“I didn’t necessarily start with diet first. It was more exercise and then when you exercise, I think that you eat healthier because you don’t want to mess up,” she said.

Not only did that not happen, she actually found a new career as a SoulCycle instructor.

“It’s like one of those clichés. It’s so true. You gotta find something you want to do every day and figure out how to get paid for it,” she said. “And, that’s what I did.”

Peggs had no idea changing her life would change so many others.

“There are six people in particular that are in my front row today that have all made a huge change and you know, gotten promotions at work. One of them has lost 30 pounds,” she said.

Pegg encourages people to try a class. She says it may look hard, but anyone can do it. For more information, click here.


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