LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Actress Minnie Driver denied allegations Wednesday that she vandalized the home of a Hollywood Hills neighbor with whom she’s been locked in a longstanding and nasty dispute over property lines.

The “Good Will Hunting” actress and 74-year-old neighbor Daniel Perelmutter have been at odds for about a year over a common driveway that both residents use to reach their respective properties.

Driver is taking Perelmutter to court to dispute a decade-old court case over the property lines of their homes. Perelmutter is countersuing for shared access to the southern tip of what he says is his property.

According to Perelmutter, the dispute escalated after he agreed to allow Driver to put up a gate that butts up against his property. He alleges Driver parked her black BMW against his backyard and prevented contractors from accessing his property.

Perelmutter also alleges that Driver threw baby food jars filled with paint against his home.

While she wouldn’t talk to CBS2 about the case, Driver – whose Twitter profile image is of an R-rated version of the phrase “Care more” – took to social media to give her side of the dispute, calling the whole thing “bananas”.

She refuted Perelmutter’s vandalism allegations, writing, “I am a lot of things (impatient,forgetful, bad at returning emails) but a petty vandal? No.Too ridiculously petulant”.

Driver also referred to Perelmutter as a “nutty neighbor” who she says has mad her son “scared of him.”

The case is expected to go before a judge in August.

Driver spoke to “Entertainment Tonight” Wednesday and vehemently denied she is the aggressor in the neighbor dispute.

She told the TV show, “Henry’s scared to come back to the house, he sleeps in my bed and we lock the door ”


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