SAN DIEGO ( — A San Diego high school student got some super hero treatment this weekend as he battles leukemia.

Friends of Ryan Wilcox know how much he loves “Captain America” so they threw him a huge super hero-themed rally in the school gym.

But everyone — including actor Chris Evans, who plays “Captain America” — say Wilcox is the one who is the real super-hero.

“Glad to know you’re on Team Cap,” said Evans. “Just want to say, stay strong. I know you’re fighting the good fight. It’s people like you with strength like yours that inspire people like me, so thank you.”

After surviving brain cancer as a child, Wilcox is now fighting leukemia, which doctors say is a rare effect from the chemotherapy and radiation he had endured.

“Strength doesn’t really come from your muscle,” said Wilcox. “It comes from your spirit and your heart and love.”


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