LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  Still undecided in the voting department?

Can’t decide if you like Hillary, Bernie, Ted or Donald or John?

Try Tinder.

The well-known smartphone dating app and Rock the Vote have teamed up to “Swipe the Vote,” designed to pair undecided Americans with their ideal candidate.

Users of the app will be asked 10 questions about various issues being discussed during the campaign. Much like the matchmaking feature of the app, users will swipe right if they agree and left if they disagree. The app will analyze the answers and give users their primary and secondary “candidate matches.”

“Our users deserve all the credit for this one. We got inspired by their overwhelming engagement in the presidential election,” says Sean Rad, founder/CEO of Tinder. “We also want to do our part in mobilizing our millions of engaged Tinder users to vote this November, and there’s no better partner to help with that effort than Rock the Vote.”

campaign 2016Among the issues included in the survey are legalizing marijuana, same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage and education funding. The app also provides opinions from people on both sides of the issues, and background on candidates.

The program also provides a link for registering to vote.

“Many millennials are engaging in the political process for the first time, and they’ll be playing a big role in deciding this election,” said Sarah Audelo, political and field director at Rock the Vote. “Tinder provides an amazing platform for millennials to learn more about the views and opinions of the candidates, giving them the opportunity to engage with important political issues while also providing an easy and efficient way to register to vote.”


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