LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  Metro on Friday unveiled a $120 billion plan to repair roads and a crumbling LA infrastructure.

“We’ve been on an infrastructure vacation in this country for the last three decades,” said Phillip Washington.

A transportation transformation. That’s what Metro CEO Washington calls a new and unprecedented plan introduced by LA County Metro.

“Is the most aggressive and expansive in this country,” Washington said.

The plan outlines a transportation project that would cost more than $120 billion — funded through a potential ballot measure. It would ask voters to increase the county sales tax by a half-cent for 40 years and continue the existing measure R tax for an extra 18 years. This would raise the county’s base sales tax rate to 9.5 percent  or higher.

“Yeah it’s a little high but I think the city needs a better public transportation to cut down on traffic,” said one commuter.

The proposal includes an increase of 80 million passengers boarding buses and trains every year, The plan would also include spending billions on cycling and pedestrian projects as well as repairs for bus and train facilities.

Eighteen major projects would take place in the first 15 years,including adding new freeway lanes, new bus and rail networks and one of the most ambitious projects, the Sepulveda Pass Tunnel, which has an expected multi-billion dollar price tag.

“What we are proposing is some type of express lane package where there are tolls at a reasonable toll price to help us pay for the rail,” Washington said.

While this is just the beginning of many more meetings and changes to come, a plan is now in motion but the decision on exactly which road to take may go to the voters.

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