LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Steven Avery’s cell phone records from the day that Teresa Halbach went missing revealed that he made two or three blocked phone calls to her number.

Prosecutors argued that he was hiding his identity in an attempt to lure Halbach to his property to ambush her.

Halbach’s voice mail became full following her disappearance, making it impossible for incoming callers to leave messages.

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However, room appeared in her inbox three days later, indicating that messages were erased from the phone.

During the trial, Halbach’s brother testified that he was able to figure out his sister’s password. He claimed that he listened to her voice mails, but denied erasing any messages.

According to Strang, the series did not reveal that two of Halbach’s Autotraders magazine coworkers testified that they knew of her whereabouts on the day of her disappearance.

“As to those phone calls, there actually was testimony at trial that explained those or put them in further context,” Strang explained. “The problem with [them] was that her two co-workers who testified in trial said that she called them that afternoon saying she was going to the Avery brothers on Avery Road. They said she knew where she was going and sounded fine about that.”

**Video credit: National Center for Audio & Video Forensics