HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Former cheerleaders of the Los Angeles Rams gathered Sunday afternoon for a reunion.

Tina Bright said she’s the oldest. She started in 1980. Regardless of the era, though, it was obvious the women share a bond. They were the chosen ones in blue and gold.

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“There was about 2,000 girls who tried out,” recalls Bright.

The women said back then, they devoted about 25 hours a week to practicing routines, doing promotional and charity work, and performing at Rams games.

The pay? $40 per game.

Discipline was demanded and life lessons were learned:

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“You learn teamwork. You learn how to sacrifice and how to put in long hours,” said Jessica Guzman, another former cheerleader.

Guzman and Elliana Reece were not only Rams cheerleaders in LA, but also cheered and coached the squad the first year in St. Louis, too.

Photographer Henry Yep’s photo album was the most treasured item brought to the reunion and took the women back to their early 20’s.

The women have been able to stay in touch through the years, especially thanks to social media. But, they say, the biggest change now is their topic of conversation.

It used to be make-up, dance routines, and nightlife. Now, they say, it’s about their kids, many of whom are in dance and some of which are cheerleaders as well.

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The women say they are pleased to see the Rams returning to LA.