COVINA ( —  Christina Carbajal says she is used to her husband pulling big pranks on her.

He told her they just won $750,000 on a California Lottery scratcher and she didn’t believe it.

In fact, the 47-year-old told lottery officials her first response was “No, no, no!” and wasn’t about to let him fool her again.

They won the money on a Mystery Crossword scratcher and even after seeing the ticket, and holding it, she says,  “I didn’t believe him.” (As of this writing, 13 of 20 $750,000 top prizes have been claimed around the state.)

The ticket was purchased at Firebird Liquors,  located at 810 North Glendora Avenue in Covina. Carbajal knew the store had some sort of win. Her husband took the ticket back to the store for verification and even returned with a winner claim form.

Still, Carbajal remained a Doubting Thomas.

“The things my husband goes through to pull a prank,” Carbajal told lottery officials.

“Oh my gosh! He likes to scare me,” Carbajal said. Like the time they were watching a horror movie late at night and he secretly sent their teenaged son outside to ring the doorbell.

Handing the winning ticket over to a clerk at the Lottery’s Santa Fe Springs District Office, she was still waiting for a prank. “Can you tell me how much this is?”

She told lottery officials the $750,000 will be a serious help — including paying off bills and her daughter’s student loans.

Now, Carbajal is a believer. Almost.

The idea of a prank is still in the back of her mind.

When will she be a complete believer?

“When l I see the money in my bank account,” she laughed.


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