NEAR CULVER CITY ( — A couple expecting a baby boy tried to race to the hospital, but their bundle of joy had other plans.

“We’re having a baby. Oh my God! Oh my God!” Cristina Vigo is heard saying in a frantic 911 call as she and her husband rushed to the hospital.

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“Sometimes, it does happen like they say in the movies,” she said.

Her water broke at home, but before they even hit the 10 Freeway near Culver City:

“I’m trying to keep myself from pushing but I don’t have a choice,” Vigo said. “I reached down. I’m like, ‘He’s coming.’ He’s coming.’ ”

While Vigo had to be induced with her first child, her boy Andre couldn’t wait to get to the hospital.

Dispatcher: Ma’am, is the child born?

Caller: The child is born. The child is born.

Dispatcher: Is the cord around the baby’s neck?

Caller: No.

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Dispatcher: OK, good.

“Cristina was able to scoop him up onto her chest. I grabbed a jacket from the back,” said Alex Quell, the father.

Though Andre was born in the front-seat of their Pruis, Quell snapped a picture with mother and child, which lit up social media.

Dispatchers helped keep them calm.

Dispatcher: Don’t pull on the umbilical cord. Place the baby on the mother’s stomach. Baby’s crying well?

He’s crying. He’s crying well.

“She didn’t have much room. I asked her just to lay back and don’t prevent the child from coming out,” said Bill Ducat, a dispatcher with the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

Ducat guided them to a Goodwill parking lot where they were met by paramedics and escorted to the hospital. This was the first time in his 26 years.

“This was a different one. It happened very quickly,” he said.

Vigo says her training as a flight attendant helped keep her grounded.

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“OK, well this is what’s happening. This is what’s going on. This is what we have to do,” she said. “So, you just kind of get it done and thankfully he cooperated.”