COMMERCE (  —   Football is making a comeback to Los Angeles.

Child abuse is one of those things that, sadly, never goes away. But some former LA Rams players and standouts are doing everything they can to try to make sure it does.

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CBS2’s Adrianna Weingold reports that some former Los Angeles Rams players teamed up today with NFL legends to raise awareness about child abuse.

The players descended on the Citadel in Commerce.

They met fans, signed autographs, It was a rare chance for diehard Rams fans like Gerry Billow to meet the men who made the old LA Rams unforgettable

“I think it’s so cool we’ve been hearing about it for years and it’s finally happening. In fact it came so fast the Coliseum this year, we’re going to have a brand new stadium next year. So it’s great, Billow said.

It’s the seventh year former  Rams player and football legend Kermit Alexander has thrown a playoff party, but this year is a little different with news the Rams are finally coming home.

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“I don’t believe they should have ever left. I grew up selling newspapers to go and see the Rams games so they have always been my favorite team so I also got to play for them which is like a dream come true,” Alexander told Weingold.

The event and party isn’t just about football, it’s also about charity. All of the proceeds go to the Raise Foundation to help stop the cycle of child abuse.

“Basically the idea is if you have a healthy strong family then the chances of abuse neglect or maltreatment are going to be reduced,” said Eldon Baber with Raise.

Former Rams players say the return of the team will breathe new life into their careers, allowing them to reach a new generation of football fans.

“They weren’t around when the LA Rams were here, all they know is [the] St. Louis Rams and so now that we’re back it brings us back too in a way that we can help the community,” said LeRoy Irvin, an NFLgreat.

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To a man, the men told Weingold they were most excited to give back to the community that made them stars.