SANTA ANA (  —  A community Saturday is looking over their shoulders — but not stopping their normal routine.

Three dangerous felons — who were all housed in the  Santa Ana Jail for murder, torture, kidnapping and other violent felonies  before they escaped sometime Friday evening  — are on the loose.

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As Cristy Fajardo reported Saturday, it’s not like everyone in Santa Ana already wasn’t aware that the men are at large.

Aware but going about their business as usual, it appeared.

She reported, “Stores and restaurants around 4th Street in Santa Ana are open for business There are no fliers and no signs of a manhunt for the three inmates who escaped just blocks away.

At Downtown Donuts, Denise Solorio is tending to sweet tooths like she would any other night

“I would assume they wouldn’t hang out close to where they escaped from,” Solario said.

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Business owners told Fajardo they learned of the escapes from social media and each other —  not from police. At Fiesta Niños Olga Calderon told Fajardo, in Spanish, that she was a little scared.

“Because we don’t know what can happen,” Calderon said.

All of the escapees have been described as violent and dangerous The most notorious is Hosein Nayeri — he was charged with kidnapping and torture. Nayeri and some associates cut off the penis of a marijuana dispensary owner they were trying to shake down. He fled to Iran and was eventually captured in Prague and brought back to the US to stand trial.

Deputies say his only connections to the other escapee 20-year old Jonathan Tieu — who is charged with a gang- related murder —  is that they were all held in the same  area. The same is true for 43-year-old old Bac Tien Duong. He was arrested by Santa Ana police just last month for the attempted murder and shooting of a 52-year-old man

Patrons in downtown Santa Ana are only now learning about the escape but also told Fajardo they believe the men have to be long gone.

On Saturday evening, a $20,000 reward was offered for information leading to the capture of the escapees.

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