RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — Authorities in Riverside County sought the public’s help Friday in identifying who was responsible for an opossum found with two arrows penetrating its body.

A county Animal Services officer discovered the wounded animal earlier this morning near Hole and Jones avenues in the La Sierra neighborhood of Riverside, according to spokesman John Welsh.

One arrow penetrated the animal near its right eye and followed through the other side of its head, Welsh said. The second arrow went through its right side and also penetrated the other side of the animal, he added.

The opossum was rushed to a county animal shelter in Jurupa Valley, where a staff veterinarian immediately began surgery to try to save the animal. The opossum was expected to survive.

“It’s amazing that our veterinary team managed to remove the arrows and the animal appears to be recovering well,” Animal Control Officer Jennifer Selter said.

Sgt. Cynthia Lee of Riverside County Animal Services observed the animal upon its arrival at the county’s clinic and said it was surprisingly alert.

“You could tell it was trying to remove the arrows itself,” Sgt. Lee said. “The opossum was grabbing the arrow on its side.

“What a horrible thing to do to an animal,” Lee added.

Animal Services Director Robert Miller called the actions callous and despicable.

“This is a sick act,” Miller said. “No animal, whether it’s a domesticated dog or cat, or a part of our wildlife, deserves to be treated in such a cruel manner.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Riverside County Animal Services.

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