BRENTWOOD ( — For Una Milan, it’s the same old story every three weeks:

“The real problem is the greys coming through every three, four, five weeks.”

Blame it on your genes or age. Either way, it just keeps coming.

“You think you can sort of push it back a week, but suddenly they’ve exploded like eyebrows,” Milan said.

Milan is now a client of the brand-new BASE Color Bar in Brentwood. It is the creation of master hair colorist Haleh Lekkos, where for just $49, she can get her grey covered with the exact color she is used to.

“I feel that women are paying too much money to get their base done. We have to do our roots every month and to spend $100 to $200 a month is a lot,” Lekkos said.

The salon only offers base color. It’s all about covering grey at an affordable price.

At the Beverly Hills salon Lekkos used to work for, base alone was $125.

“Now it is half the price basically if not more,” she said.

Lekkos says it’s not rocket science. She uses products she believes in and can match any color.

A blow-out is available for $35. There is also a menu of add-ons from close to conditioning treatments to men’s rinse. But for most, the $49 base is all that’s needed.

“Just come and get your roots done and you don’t have spend a fortune. It’s gonna save hundreds, hundreds of dollars on base alone, thousands over the course of the year,” she said.

Also available at the salon is an area where patrons can blow dry their hair for no cost.

“I’m not going to let you walk out with your hair wet so we have brushes, dryers, product, whatever you need. And if you need a little help styling, we’ll give you a little help to,” she said.

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