MONTEBELLO ( —  Egg nog fans line up for the stuff and flock to Montebello.

Specifically, egg nog fans go to Broguiere’s Dairy.

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“It just says holiday spirit to me, I love it,” said one man.

It’s the glass bottles and the old-fashioned writing, reported  KCAL9’s Laurie Perez. “It’s also the signs and building now 95 years old. Fans also say one sip of the egg nog and it takes the taster back to Christmases of the past.

“It’s just the most creamy wonderful egg nog ever,” enthused one woman.

Every Christmas season, every day for weeks, dozens from around the block and from far away, start lining up around the block.

“There was a guy here from Riverside at 5 o’clock this morning,” said owner Ray Broguiere.

The family-owned-and-run operation makes several batches of 2000 gallons each, And even at $4+ a quart, it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

“I kid you not, yesterday it looked like half of California was here and if they weren’t the other half were here at like 6 this morning, they were lined up big time to get here early,” Broguiere said.

As quick as they make it, fans take it. Tens of thousands of gallons causing literal food fights on SoCal tables every year.

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Perez asked one fan if they try to ration it out when they get home.

“We try to but it doesn’t work,” laughs Steve Macias, “it’s first come, first served, if you’re the last in line, you might not get none.”

Milk, cream, egg yolk, nutmeg, sugar. It’s the same recipe since 1920 that keeps them coming back and back.

“I have to admit, this is my “severalth” time to get egg nog this Christmas season,” said Charles Phoenix.

He and others say Broguieire’s is bottling more than egg nog here — they’re bottling Christmas.

“It’s tradition, history…delicious,” said one woman.

With Lines like these the egg nog won’t flow forever. And when they’re out, they’re out — until Tuesday that is, when they will make another batch just in time for New Year’s Eve.

New CBS weatherman Garth Kemp is also a fan. “It’s that good.” He said “It says right on the bottle, ‘So fresh, the cow doesn’t even know it’s gone.”

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He admitted to drinking an entire bottle. “And then I thought I was lactose intolerant” he quipped.